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Stacy G.

"My son met the ADD stereotype and was put on medication. I watched him struggle to focus, complete simple tasks, handle multiple directions and keep his body calm at home and school.


Most days included severe nausea, congestion, and headaches followed by incessant crying as he begged for help. Through tears, I would force the pills hoping that today would be a better day. Such days were rare.

Through an acquaintance, I found Common Sense Nutrition. We saw immediate improvement. He’s now excelling at school, in sports and socially - something I could not have said prior to his meeting Iulia. The majority of nausea, headaches, and congestion are gone after just two weeks of working the program. My son grows stronger each day, and this mamma couldn’t be more grateful."

Dustin W.

"I came to see Iulia because I was experiencing fluctuations in my energy, low energy overall, and some digestive issues.

Working with her, I’ve noticed an increase in my energy and I no longer experience highs and lows during the day. My diet is more balanced the bloating is gone and my digestive tract is more comfortable."

Adriana C.

"I am extremely grateful to have found Iulia. From the start, I was amazed at her immense knowledge, professionalism, and ease of connecting to people.

Ever since I have followed her carefully chosen program, customized to my immediate needs, my general well being and lifestyle have improved tremendously: better sleep, increased energy, decreased aches/pains in my hip and shoulder. 

I was so amazed by the changes I was experiencing, that I decided to bring my son in for a screening. He has been overweight for some time now; even though we were actively reduced junk food and soda consumption, and he was swimming one hour a day for 5-6 days a week (on the swim team), he wasn't able to lose the extra weight. He was angry, tense and unhappy.


Since June, following Iulia's program, and taking one week at the time, he was finally seeing the scale numbers decreasing instead of increasing.  Iulia's guidance, patience to answer to any questions in such a way that would make sense to a tween, educating him in the relationship between nutrition and health, gave him the right tools to reach his goals. I am grateful that he is ready for a new school year full of confidence and happiness.

Thank you, Iulia, for everything you have done and are still doing for my family."

Iunia O.

Shelly K.

I came to Common Sense Nutrition class to find out how I would improve my nutrition in a way that would help my allergies and my lupus symptoms. I had hives and red skin rashes on my neck, arms and chest. I woke-up every day with a headache and congested sinuses. I was tired and stressed.


After six months of following the Program and making small changes in my diet, I feel much better. My headaches and sinuses problems in the morning are gone! I feel much more clearminded. My rashes are gone! I still have the redness from years of rashes, but the itchy skin is no more! I have also noticed that the redness on my scars has healed. I am still medication free and feeling great!

"I was very stressed and had trouble going to sleep. I had sugar cravings and ate a lot of unhealthy food. Sometimes I drank coffee in the afternoon and a lot in the morning. I got headaches.

Now I am less stressed out than I was before. I drink a small amount of coffee in the morning now. My sugar cravings have reduced. I do not have any more headaches or stomachaches."

Laura R.

"Iulia has such a depth of knowledge and professionalism that I'm constantly impressed with how she educates me.


I know several people that have received tangible help for many different issues from her and I'm grateful to know her!"

Chris H.

"I can't thank you enough for the impact you've had on my health and the health of my family.


By following the Program you've designed and tailored weekly for me, you've given me the ability to fix ailments that nothing and nobody else had been able to fix before. You've also armed me with enough understanding of nutrition and health such that I know how to help myself maintain my newfound health gains.

There were five key problems I noted during my initial screening 8 months ago. I'm simply astounded by the results I've achieved by following basic dietary recommendations you made for me and augmenting them with targeted whole food dietary supplements.


I thank you for these results: better sleep, higher and steadier energy levels, no more aches and pains in my hip/knee/ankle, and no more stomach pain or uncontrollable urges.


Remarkable results for such a wide range of issues."

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